Partner with VMBA's New Programs!

New VMBA Membership in 2013!

For the first time in association history, VMBA will be hosting "VMBA membership." Presently, riders become members of local chapters. VMBA will encourage riders to continue chapter membership/support. The new "VMBA Membership" is an opportunity for riders to support mountain biking in Vermont through association membership at the state level.

The Benefits Are AWESOME!

Numerous partners have joined VMBA to produce member benefits. Riders current with a local chapter will enjoy VMBA membership for $30. For riders not affiliated with a chapter, membership will be $60. A snap shot of benefits includes:

* Discounts at a dozen shops throughout Vermont

* Ski passes

* Outdoor gear shop discounts

* Day Rate mountain bike network passes

* Downhill mountain biking discounts

* State Park passes

* Magazine subscriptions.... and much more!

How VMBA Wishes to Partner With YOU

VMBA is seeking a relationship with your organization to promote the good work you do. VMBA is seeking and can reciprocate the following opportunities for promotion:

* Link from your organization's membership page during peak member recruitment

* A timely ad in our newsletter

* Four Facebook advertisements annually

* Cross promotional opportunities throughout the year - booth at events and more

* Shared benefits - VMBA will extend a discount to your members.

We are seeking an exchange that best reflects both association's desires. We're not seeking an "all or nothing" situation. What could work for you?

Next Steps

VMBA will be launching our membership campaign in late February. Ideally, we would have an opportunity to find some time to share a conversation soon about a potential partnership. If after a discussion we think partnership is good idea for both organizations, we can begin building an agreement right away.

Our membership "year" will begin and end on April 1st. February/March will be utilized for promotion and creating a "buzz" around the new program.

VMBA is eager to hear from you to learn about your interest in a potential partnership. Please be in touch with questions and suggestions. Thank you for your consideration.


Tom Stuessy

Executive Director, VMBA