Washington Early Learning Center

Weekly Staff Newsletter

December 8th to December 12th

This week's meetings/activities

Monday, December 8th:

Stacie out today

Packer Day! (Yes, please wear your Green & Gold!)

Tuesday, December 9th:

Missy, Stacie & Tim at Birth-6 Outcomes Training (all-day)

Wednesday, December 10th:

Stacie out today

Thursday, December 11th:

1:30: Monthly meeting with Steve (at Washington)

2:45- Staff Meeting

Friday, December 12th:

8:00: LST Meeting

9:30: Meeting (Renee, Sarah, Sara L, Sara K, Kristi)

1:15: IEP for C.P.

A Look Ahead:

December 16th: School Board Meeting: VOTE for proposed 4K program

December 23rd: Per Dr. Pfeiffer, the PLD is cancelled


I have not had time to go through your EP items yet. I thought I would have some time during our training, but we did not have a free moment. I will be looking these over this week. If you have specific questions for me, or have something you want me to take an extra look at, please let me know.



  • Please submit, by Wednesday, names of students that you need to put on the agenda for our LST meeting on Friday. I will put out a meeting agenda on Thursday.