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Are E Cigarettes Lounges Facilitating Luxury?

In my opinion, the smoking companies are clearly positioning e cigarettes as better alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes while the regulatory authorities are opposing it. But I guess the regulation of these battery operated devices would depend on how the authorities take it – the good way or the bad way. Well, this is the most interesting thing going in a vapers life because he is much concerned about it. Recently, while researching about the best electronic cigarettes, I found interesting news. Numerous shops and lounges are being opened around the world for the convenience of users. According to the report, I also found that the customers are highly appealed by the facilities provided by them. Over the lounges, the customers are pampering themselves with the luxurious facilities. I guess, this is one of the most interesting news I have read so far.

Well, since I am planning to become a vaper very soon, such types of news highly appeal me. Well, as the shops are allowing the luxurious facilities for free, I would really appreciate if I get a chance to experience that. Before purchase, users are allowed to try e cigarettes for free without any additional cost. In my opinion, the luxurious lounges may be the most extravagant comfort for its lovers. In spite of the scandal ridden controversies that sometimes paint a confused picture in my mind, these news really acts as a magnet to me.

After getting this news, I am thinking to check on electronic cigarette reviews provided by users. I am basically trying to find out the actual experience felt by users. Now I feel, there’s a huge opportunity for the top brands to make a transition of the entire world very soon.