Whataburger gets healthy


Hamburger is now making their burgers more healthy and is running other sandwich paces out of business. This has caused the demand for beef to increase. more and more people are coming into the restaurant each day.

Shortage of ketchup


Whataburger is in a shortage of their special whataburger ketchup. This has caused the demand for their whataburger to fall. Without their special ketchup no one wants to buy their burgers. Many customers are now going to other sandwich resturants.

Robots take over peoples jobs


Lots of people have lost their jobs around town due to new technology in robot workers. This has caused many people to have to find new jobs. Not many people are coming to Whataburger anymore, but their is the occasional robot that walks in for a small oil shake.

Massive production of robot citizens


Their has been a massive increase in the amount of robot citizens that need their oil shakes to function. The need for oil shakes has never been so high. Whataburger is one of the few places that is selling this product and business is booming.

Price of oil shakes expected to rise


The price of whataburgers new oil shakes are expected to rise in the next few weeks due to its popularity withe the new robot inhabitants. Since they are so popular whataburger has decided that they will raise the price of the oil shakes to meet their monthly quota.