That was then this is now



In the book That was then this now by S.E. Hinton, Byron and mark are really good friends but towards the end of the book they stop talking and fade away from each other after everything they went threw together. The authors message is that even when you are friends and you're close doesn't mean that you're going to be friends forever. My opinion on friendship is that it does not last forever. The reason I say that is no matter how close or how well you know a person doesn't mean your going to stay friends because you never know what will happen in the future.


Friendship includes honesty. In That was Then this is now, Bryon and Mark were honest to each other threw out the whole entire book. When mark was 9 years old his parents died so Bryon's family took care of Mark and they grew up together. This shows that Bryon and Mark where honest to each other and didn't give up on one another. I think that friends should be honest to each other because they are best friends and should trust on another.



Bryon and Mark are loyal to each other and support each other threw somethings threw out the story. When Mark had no where to go Bryon was loyal to him and let him and took care of him. Loyalty is important in a friendship it shows your best friend how important they are to you. When your loyal to your friend they have more trust in you and can rely on you.

Picture of a friendship