que son las opciones binarias

que son las opciones binarias

Commodities Options Trading in the Era of Dodd-Frank

US binary commodities options traders are stymied since the implementation of Dodd-Frank laws last year. Beginning in July 2011 binary option sites began winding down their operations with the final contract going offline at year-end. Today US investors do have some choices in the commodity space. Here we have a look at how Dodd-Frank altered how contracts are traded and what dealers are doing to carry on to invest and earn money with binary commodities opciones binarias

Pat Dodd Cuts Off Order Execution

Many US investors in binaries were caught off-guard last year when their brokers discontinued offering positions on their favourite precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and copper. Similarly stymied investors were those working in the Forex space. What was the common cause for their unexpected inability to trade their favorite assets? Unfortunately the common cause was unique clauses within the fiscal laws which prevented order routing on the back end of contracts. While no specific law or rule prohibited the selling of these securities, brokers were no longer able to lawfully route orders for all these futures related contracts. As a result the brokers had to (one by one) discontinue offering contracts as their back end trade partners were now not able to route orders for them..

It was not long ago that a major market maker within the binaries space folded up store, according to sources at the CBOE in Chicago. Other firms remained open for business nevertheless - permitting at least some binary trading activity through year-end 2011. Once the company shut its doors to US residents the only known alternative at the time was to form an off shore venture and or establish residency outside the United States.

Failing that the Forex and commodities options trading space was closed for US residents.