The Gardener

By: S.A Boden


Mason's is a junior in high school and his mom works at a hospital for older people. His dad left Mason and his mom when he was very young. Mason and friend Jack are on there way to a lodge for the weekend. Before they leave Mason decided to tell his mom good bye at the hospital. There he sees three teenagers who all together in the same room. His mom told him that they were in a terrible accident and suffered from brain trauma. When Mason plays a tape of his dad reading to him a book The Runaway Bunny a girl wakes up. The girl then runs out of the room and Mason runs after her. She the begs him to take her away from there to get her away from the Gardener.

Jack, Mason , and the girl go to the lodge and decided together that they would take her back when they get back home. At the lodge Mason tries to get her to tell them her name. The girl doesn't know her name or where's she's from. Mason has to help her with everything. He has to dress her and help her eat. The girls always pukes right after she eats though. When cars start to show up looking for the girl they decide to make a run for it. Jack gets injured on the way and its up to Mason and the girls now.

On there run away adventure they meet a woman named Dr. Emerson. She tells Mason about the experiment that the girl is a part of. The girls name is Laila and she part of an experiment that grows humans that can live without food and water. The meaning of this was for when the Earth runs out of food and water. Laila becomes ill there and Mason's only hope of saving her is returning her to the Gardener. There he learns secrets about him self that you can only find out if you read the book.

The Charaters