Colby Baccam

All About Me

How I am gifted

I had 14 positive answers and 4 negatives on the "Positive and Negative Characteristics of Gifted Children" worksheet. I feel like I did something wrong because I don't believe that I can get a score this good.

True Gamer

The thing I really enjoy is video games. Any type of video game, adventure, strategy, action, horror, I just love it. Even if games make me rage or scare me to the point where I panic, I still enjoy it at the end.

Some of my favorite video games

My Personality

I had an ENTJ as my personality. I feel like I did something wrong because I strongly disagree with being stuborn, inpatient, ruthless and many more things about this. In fact, after going through all of the different personalities, I feel like I'm more of an INFJ or an INTJ

My Logo

The quote was from Micheal Jordan. I picked this because I've actually experienced this in many video games. I also chose a phoenix because of my love of Pokemon.