4th Grade News

February 1st, 2016

Important News

Please send in 1 gallon milk jugs - clean and dry, no tops needed - for a Valentine's project. Since some students won't be able to bring them in, please send in more than one if you can. Thank you!

We try to go outside everyday for recess. Please make sure that your child is prepared to go out. At the very minimum, they must have a winter jacket and gloves. Since everything is melting right now, the playground is a mix of mud, ice and snow, so boots are always an added bonus.


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Read-A-Thon and Fun Friday

Our first Fun Friday was a success! We loved seeing all of the creative costumes. Most importantly, our school raised $290 for the Marathon Dance. Our 4th grade classes raised $50 together! Thank you so much for your contribution.

This coming Fun Friday is "Read Up A Sweat Day" in honor of the Super Bowl. Come dressed in your favorite sports team gear or as your favorite sport!

Our Read-A-Thon officially kicks off this week. Paperwork will be coming home tomorrow. Here are the important dates:

Feb. 1st - 5th: Collect sponsors

Feb. 5th: Sponsor sheet due to Mrs. Lange & Mrs. Pisani, if you are participating. Reading goals are set in school for the Read-A-Thon.

Feb. 5th - 12th: The READING begins!

Feb. 12th: Reading goal sheet due to Mrs. Lange & Mrs. PIsani

Feb. 12th - Feb 23rd: Collect sponsor money

Feb. 24th: All money due


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Welcome, Ms. Lutton!

On Thursday, Mrs. Lange's class welcomed Ms. Lutton! She is our student observer from Skidmore College. Ms. Lutton will be helping in our classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45 to 1:00. We are very excited to have her! Stay tuned for some pictures in the next newsletter.

Backing up our opinions!

After working so hard on our personal opinion essays, our persuasive opinion essays are really coming along! You would be so impressed to see them researching facts and statistics to back up their reasons. We are hoping to have them published before February break (only 2 weeks away) so they will be working hard!

Reading the Weather

Our Research Teams switched weather topics last week. Hurricanes switched with tornadoes, earthquakes with tsunamis, and floods with droughts. It was so amazing to watch them research their second topic with all of the skills that they learned from the first topic. They have become experts on choosing appropriate graphic organizers to show their notes!

Before we dove into the new topic, we did something called a "Teaching Carousel". They met with the group they switched with and they taught each other about their new topic. Students used the note-taking poster they created for their Research Team Book to guide their teaching. It was a great learning experience for them all.

What's the matter?




Study guide and papers were sent home on Thursday.

We will be learning all about matter next. This week we will be learning how to measure the volume of matter using a graduated cylinder through two experiments.

Module 2 Test ... This Week!

We are almost done with Module 2! It was a return to adding and subtracting and it was a great review for the kids. They have done so well with it and we have been flying through the lessons. We've heard a lot of "I get this!" and "This is easy!" It's so nice to see them confident and successful. We have two more lessons on Monday and Tuesday. On wednesday we will be sending home a STUDY GUIDE (not a review sheet - it is just a paper showing them what they need to study and practice).


From there we are starting Module 4: Geometry!

Prezi Presentations

Our Prezi's are done! Mrs. Lange's class shared their Prezi's on Friday and Mrs. Pisani's and Mrs. Reinemann's class will share Monday...pictures to follow! They came out incredible and they are so proud of their hard work!

At the beginning of this week we will be talking about the beginning of slavery in our history and begin learning about the French and Indian war!

Valentine's Party

Friday, Feb. 12th, 2pm

Moreau Elementary School, Fort Edward, NY, United States

Fort Edward, NY

A class list will be coming home soon for your child's valentine's. Also homeroom moms will be contacting you, if you signed up to send in treats at Open House.

Play - Songs Of The Iroquois: Turtle Island

Tuesday, March 29th, 9:30am

207 Glen Street

Glens Falls, NY

The Iroquois Creation Story will come to life on the beautiful stage at the Charles R. Wood Theatre in Glens Falls. Permission slips will be coming home soon. Sorry, no chaperones for this trip.

NYS Capitol Building Tour

Thursday, May 5th, 9am-2:45pm

New York State Capitol, Albany, NY, United States

Albany, NY

The tour of the NYS Capitol is like no other! We visit the Senate and Assembly chambers and explore the Million Dollar Staircase. We also have time to squeeze in a trip up the Corning Tower to the observation deck and to look down on Albany. We will bring a limited number of chaperones on this trip, but you must provide your own transportation.

Fort Ticonderoga

Wednesday, June 15th, 8:30am-2:45pm

100 Fort Ti Road

Ticonderoga, NY

Mark your calendars ... ask for the day off! This is a field trip you can't miss! Join us for a day at Fort Ti exploring the fort and participating in an educational program.