Harris and Me

Gary Paulsen


The two main characters are Harris and well the main character they never say his name i don't know but. Any way its start off when a kid has to go to his aunts for the summer then he makes friends with Harris.Harris is a real crazy kid and then all summer they played all day . Then they fell in pig doo doo and mud so they had to get the worst bath ever.By Louie who is Harrison's mom and she was nice and she made good pancakes. But after he had to leave and go back home.


the summary is on a farm.Where harris and me played and did everything like milk cows things but there was a house wright next to the farm they lived they also had a old broken farm where harris smokes and where all the horse poop is.

author info

Gary paulsen wrote many other books like the river and hatchet he is a very famous who wrote many books he has made any survival books and harris and me that is a sad book