Brain Hemispheres

Choose your side... or don't! You can't choose, actually.

How can I compare thee to a summer's brain?

Yeah, you probably already know that you have 2 sides to your brain, right? No? Well, In general, you have TWO, yes, TWO. "But Frank, the Brain is just one big thing! Right?" Yeah, no. Of course your brain is an organ (to an extent) but that doesn't mean it's all one big congealed mess of tissue and neurons. In fact, your brain is much more than that (I hope.)
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Left and Right? I thought those were directions!

They are directions! But which direction, are you?

Generally the left side of your brain is more based on logic, mathematics, sequencing, language and facts. All that boring stuff! While the right side is based on creativity and art and music comprehension and things like that!

So what happens if you just cut the brain in half? You'd still be able to live and function, right?

Not really. Although your brain is separated into two halves you use both halves! Some individuals are more right brained or left brained, but most use both almost equally. Furthermore, I don't recommend performing brain surgery yourself. Leave that to the professionals.

Well what am I? Maybe I'm a no brain!

Yeah, you probably don't have a brain. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. There is a nifty little test you can take to find out! I scored a 4.8, which means i'm using both halves of my brain almost equally, but lean slightly towards being left sided. Just use google or some other search engine to find a good one. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors into the weird thing in your head allowing you to read this called the brain.