Iron Thunder

By: Avi 10/13/16

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"Tom, we just need more money. You're going to have to take your pa's place." This quote was early in the book but it shows the hardships and times of affliction. This family did not have a lot of money and the only one working was the mother since his dad had died due to the Civil War in America.
"Iron can't float," everyone except the crew and even some of them had doubt that the "Monitor" couldn't float and would just sink straight to the bottom. They were later proven wrong due to the launch day when everyone was watching, they sent it off into the river and it floated just fine. This quote is important to the story because it proves to Tom that anything is possible no matter what others say or what they think.
"Well, gentlemen, you don't look as though you were just through one of the greatest naval conflicts on record." This battle known as The Battle of Hampton Roads (also known as the Battle of Ironclads) was significantly viewed as the most important battle in naval history for America. This marked a new start for naval warfare.
This book kept you begging for more. All of the action in the book kept you wanting to flip the page to see what was on the next with the extensive use of action-packed words.
The main conflict in the story was when Tom and the crew of the Monitor finally got to the war. It was some rough times getting to the battle with the ship flooding and the poisonous gas that was being emitted into the ship. After their arrival to the fight they soon learned that the "sea monster" (south ironclad ship) had been on a rampage and destroyed three of the Unions ships. A tremendous amount of pressure was on the Monitor because if they failed to protect the last ship then the Union blockade would fail and that means the Union could lose the war. They solved this by engaging the ironclad with as much space between the blockade and the fight so that the southern ship couldn't just shoot them they would have to shoot over the Union ironclad and along ways away also.
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Overall I feel that this book was a good choice. It was a easy read and easy to comprehend. It had action-packed scenes for the adventurous type but also had the suttleness for any reader. It provided you with a different perspective of the history behind the Civil War. You really started to understand what life was like by the author writing the story of a actual crew member of one of the most important naval ships in American history.