Career Research

Musician is playing an instrument for singing for a audience or to sell a record.Most of the work is writing music and playing for an audience.The average salary is $23.50 per hour.The work environment is a Concert Hall, Arenas, Stages, and Recording Studios.The long term outlook is %5. A high school diploma is recommended, but some musicians have dropped out of high school like Ringo Starr from the Beatles. The skills that are required or recommended are being able to sing or play an instrument, being able to improvise or compose music , and having self confidence.

High School Preparation

Classes that can help people success in the music industry is string orchestra or marching band, if they want to play that kind of music. A club that you can join to help you become a musician is Songwriting Club. Work or Volunteer service might be playing in the church choir, or playing at a local shop or restaurant.Three people I can use as a reference are Linda Smith from Songwriting Club, Brandy Martinez from Santa Maria Choir, and Marieth Quintero from St. Sthepen's Choir.

Post Secondary Plans

Three college majors for music are Music Therapist, Session Musician, and Music Teacher. For the most part, you don't; need a certificate as long as you can play the music or improvise.You can internship at a recording studio.