By: CJ, Grace, and Tara

Fungi Facts

Domain: Eukarya

There are 100,00 known fungi species, but there are millions more to be discovered.

Fungi produce sexualy and asexualy.

Unicellular Fungi

This is an example of unicellular fungi, fungi can be uni or multicellular.

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Unique Features

Fungi is unique because its wall is made of chitin

First appeared on Eath over 350 million years ago

Lives in both hot and cold climates

Can live in places that are very salty or sugary

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Examples of Fungi

Black Bread Mold(Rhizopus Stolonifer) White Mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus) and Yeast

Fungi Life

A mushroom is an example of a fugi this video shows its life cycle.

Mushroom time lapse - Life in 60 seconds

Type of nutrition:

Both autotrophic and heterotrophic. Done by the methods: Photosynthesis and consumption.

Distinguishing Characteristic:

Eukaryotic organisms have an infolding of the plasma membrane.