Battle of Iwo Jima

February 19th, 1945

Where was it?

The battle took place at one of the Japanese islands called Iwo Jima.

Who was involved and why?

The United States and Japan were involved because the U.S. invaded Iwo Jima. Word War 2 was going on and the United States needed to get close to Japan so that they could use the atomic bombs on them.

Who were the generals?

Major General Harry Schmidt was the general for the Allies. Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi was the general for Japan.

What were the goals of the battle?

The goal was to take over Iwo Jima so that the United States would have land closer to Japan that they could use as a base.

What were the strategies and tactics of the military?

The United States military wanted to make sure that the Japanese could not use their navy or their air force at Iwo Jima. The United States wanted to attack to beaches on the outside of the island and work towards the inside of the island. The islands takeover was needed to be able to attack Japan.

What was the outcome?

The United States took over Iwo Jima.

What were the long lasting impacts?

The United States could use Iwo Jima to help them drop the atomic bombs on Japan.