Hurricane Katrina

Worst flooding anyone can recall

Hurricane Katrina is the 3rd biggest Hurricane ever recorded. Hurricane Katrina took place in New Orleans, and lasted up to over a week. It started from August 23 2005 to August 31 2005 .Hurricanes gather heat, and energy through contact with warm oceans/waters.

Health Concerns

There has been huge amount of damage left behind from Hurricane Katrina. With the large amount of water left behind New Orleans was left with very little defense. But a huge problem with Hurricane Katrina is that it left a lot of food and water contaminated. Also a big concern is that medical centers were destroyed leaving a lot of people who consumed the food or water to get sick and die. Flooding came in all new forms of bacteria from open waters.

Clean Up

Hurricane Katrina left huge amounts of damage causing clean up from Hurricane Katrina to still be in process. Because of the large amounts of water left behind, water pumps were clogged because the coolant flows out of the front while the engine is running causing engineers to have to fix the water pumps. Even some parts of New Orleans is still flooded making the city surrounded by dirty water. Once some of the houses were restored power came back to the houses instantly.

How is Canada involved with Hurricane Katrina?

There has been many ways Canada was involved to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Some ways Canada is involved is by sending 100 highly trained volunteers to help with the biggest relief operation. While that was happening many citizens of Canada donated over $1,000,000 to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina. We have also been delivering 270 shelters and 500,000 hot meals each day.

Doomed New Orleans: Hurricane Katrina