Born 2 Be Wild

Don't keep exotic pets

Real life story about a bear

A bear that was raised since it was a cub killed his owner, 37 year old Kelly Walz, when she tried cleaning his cage. He wasn't tied up. Her children and the neighbors saw her being attacked and then the neighbor called the cops and shot the 350 pound bear while it was on top of her. But they were too late.

Dangers for the animals and the people

Animal dangers

  • Animals wouldn't be adapted to the weather
  • They won't like the food
  • If you have one it can't breed
Your dangers

  • If the animal doesn't like you it could kill you
  • It could have a disease and make you sick
  • The animal could be to big for your area

What is legal and illegal in North Dakota?

North Dakota is legal to have anything as long as they have a license. So if you wanted a rare and not usual animal you would need a special license from the police and animal department to prove they can have it.

Does it have an impact on an environment?

Yes it has an impact because their prey would overpopulate and the predators will have no food. We wouldn't have the prey. We also would need to stop hunting because of them disappearing and the animal cycle will be out of order.

What do the numbers say

There are 55 animal injures and 200 deaths. For humans there are 543 injures and 75 deaths.

Expert knowledge

Kim Haddad says that “wild exotic pets are not just a danger to the owner but to the public too. There have been 5 killings by wild cats in the last 2 years. Also we are the prey not the predator so you never know what’s gonna happen”. Also Michelle Threw says “ We don’t just get poor treatment we treat them horribly”. On America Now they said that people want them as kids instead of adults to be tamed and because they are cute but that doesn't change their violence.