King Comanche

By: Researchers Ava, Ethan, Aidan, Sophie

We begin in Texas far, far away not knowing what awaits us...

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our Comanche presentation. We start off on our journey learning about the appearance. Then, we continue our journey to learn about what they ate. Next, we set off learning about their customs and traditions and we end our trip learning where they live and how they live.

Appearance By: Awesome Ava

The men had long, straight hair that was braided back in two. The women had shorter hair and also was braided. They decorated their hair with fur, leather, and feathers.The men also plucked their facial hair and put tatoos on their body. They even pierced their ears with shell and bones!

Food By: Sparkly Sophie

The Comanche hunted buffalo, black bears, elk, antelope, and deer. They boiled these animals and made them into stew. They killed these animals with bow and arrows or lance and shields.

Customs/Traditions/Ceremonies By: Excellent Ethan

The Comanche believed the sun, moon, and earth were supernatural beings. They also believed in greater power that Our Sure Enough Father or The Great Spirit were also supernatural beings.

Shelter/Geographical Location By: Amazing Aidan

The Comanche were once part of the Shoshone tribe in Wyoming. They then moved to Texas and made tepees ouut of buffalo hides and sticks.