Welcome to the Northeast! You will have a magical journey through the wonders of this wonderful region! Explore landforms, waterways, and awesome landmarks! Some of the landmarks you might see is Hershey’s Chocolate World, The Statue Of Liberty, and the Pentagon. Have fun in the Northeast!!!
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Hello, do you want to learn about the Northeast landmarks and historical sites? Well I can teach you. A cool place to go is Pennsylvania! Do you know why? Because the Liberty Bell is there. It has a split in it.

Now let’s go to New York to see the Statue of Liberty. We will have to go on a boat to get there. It’s on a island. It’s there because people were moving to America. They moved here to have a better life.That was a sign of hope for them.

I am getting hungry,are you? Good, let's go to Hershey's Chocolate World. I know what you are thinking it’s not all made out of chocolate. It has rides, roller coasters and more!

Let’s put on our spy glasses because we are going to the Pentagon in D.C.. The Pentagon has all of the secrets for the military and President. It’s almost impossible to get into if you do not have permission. Well I am getting sleepy, see you soon.

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A lot of the culture in the Northeast is about broadway. Broadway started with the Native Americans. In the Northeast, people do parades and the ball drops on New Years.

There are a lot of theaters in the Northeast. On of the popular theaters is the Apollo Theater.

A popular museum in the Northeast is the National Museum Of History.

One of the most popular states in the Northeast is New York. There are a lot of things to do in New York. One of the things is that you can see a lot of broadway. Also, a lot of movie premieres.

The Northeast is also popular for a lot of first things made. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the first library, hospital, and fire department were made here. Also, the Declaration Of Independence was signed here in 1776.

Wow! The Northeast has a lot of culture from past and present. But we have more. Are you having trouble looking for a college? Then go to Harvard! Harvard was the nation’s first college and it is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. People in the Northeast thought that education was very important for children and adults. That’ s why we have lots of schools. Well, we can probably conclude that the Northeast has a lot of culture. So visit the Northeast!

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There are lots of interesting landforms in the amazing Northeast region. One is a CAPE. You might know a common cape that you might spend the summers at… yeah! Cape Cod! A cape is a part of land that shoots out into the beautiful, shimmering, blue oceans.

A popular attraction at capes in the northeast is BEACHES. A beach is a landform that is on the coastline. If you like sandy, warm beaches, come on down to the Northeast!

Speaking of COASTLINES, what about the breathtaking Atlantic coast! In fact, most of the Northeast is a coastline. What about that!

There are also ISLANDS. An island is an area of land, big or small, that is completely surrounded by water on all sides. A popular island is Long Island in New York.

Also in the Northeast is the Allegheny Plateau in Pennsylvania! A Plateau is high land that has a flat surface. It’s kind of like a plain but the land in higher and off the ground.

Appalachian Mountains! The Appalachian Mountain range stretches from Canada to Alabama. MOUNTAINS are landforms in the Northeast region. Mountains are landforms with peaks, they are REALLY TALL!!!

Now, the opposite of a mountain is a VALLEY. A valley is surrounded by mountains and hills. It slopes down between them all to become a valley.

Next is PLAINS. Plains are great if you want to have a picnic, run around, be alone with friends and so many other uses. A plain is an area of land that has hardly any trees or bushes, it's just a stretch of land that’s flat.

The Northeast is a great place to play hide and seek outdoors because it has FORESTS! Forests have tall trees and short trees, but watch your step, you don’t want to trip on some wood. You probably won’t see much light through the forest of leaves in the sky.

Do you know what region had MARSHES? The Northeast! And do you know what is land once covered by water before? A marsh! The Northeast has marshes. WOW! The Northeast has lots of marshes. In fact, I’ve even seen one before myself !

So, those are the Northeast Landforms for you!

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Hi, me again it was so much fun going to Northeast landmarks. Let’s see important industries that are in the Northeast. Cranberries are so good and they make $100 million dollars per year.

The Northeast has so much stuff to see so tourism is big. You can see big mountains in New Hampshire you can also see sandy beaches in Cape Cod.

I love being fashionable! Did you know that manufacturing clothes are big in New York?Let's go strut our stuff on the cat walk.

Are you getting hungry? Well good, fishing is big here, especially lobster.

What did I step in? Oh it is maple syrup from Vermont! Did you know maple syrup is made from trees?

Another one is in New Hampshire, and it is… GRANITE! It would probably be found on sides of mountains that are steep.

Maple syrup comes from maple trees that grow in the Northeast do you believe that. Well, I will see you soon.

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The climate in the Northeast is very seasonal. In the Northeast, there are 4 seasons. Fall, winter, spring, and summer! The Northeast has warm summers that can reach up to 90 degrees fahrenheit! The Northeast also has cold winters that can get below zero with snow. Also there are rainy springs and cool, crisp falls. There can be hail in the Northeast but it is rare. The Northeast is a lovely place to visit if you are a seasonal drama queen!

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BAYS! The Northeast is a bay wonderland. Bays are great places for swimming. A bay is a waterway that eventually bursts into land. There are multiple kinds of bays like seas and lakes etc. A famous bay in the northeast is Cape Cod Bay.

WATERFALLS are big attractions in the Northeast. The beautiful, shimmering water being pushed to fall down a steep slope into another waterway where it begins its next adventure maybe to encounter another waterfall. The most famous waterfall in the Northeast is Niagra Falls in New York!

Do you know what is one of the five largest bodies of water and boats sail across it? That’s right… OCEANS! The Atlantic Ocean is the ocean that surrounds the Northeast.

LAKES are common in the Northeast. Lakes are the opposite of an island, a lake is water surrounded by land.

Speaking of lakes, a RIVER can run into a lake! A river is water that runs into a lake (as I said), or an ocean. A river is pretty much a stream. A famous river is the Charles River, it even flows through Westwood! There are also more rivers that run through the Northeast such as the Hudson River that flows through New York, and the Connecticut River that goes along the border of New Hampshire and Vermont, and goes through Massachusetts and Connecticut. And the last part of its journey is when its mouth goes into the Atlantic Ocean.

Do you like boats, because I do! If you own a boat, than come to the PORTS in the Northeast, because that’s the place for you. A port is a somewhere where you can dock boats and or ships.

In the Northeast, there is also CANALS . A canal is a place where water flows through. The purpose was so ships and boats and other water vehicles can go through it. They got it by digging. A famous canal is the Cape Cod canal is Borne.

So, those are the Northeast Waterways for you.

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In the Northeast, there are Urban and Suburb areas. This is because there are a lot of popular cities in the Northeast like New York City and Boston. This is also because there are a lot of landmarks and historical sites like the Statue Of Liberty and The Empire State Building. Also in the Northeast, there is the District Of Columbia. The District Of Columbia is basically the whole area of the Northeast. Those are some interesting facts about the Northeast region!


Well, you have seen every part of the Northeast. Like the sandy beaches in Cape Cod and the snowy mountains in New Hampshire. You have also seen the economy and natural resources. It would have taken months to see everything in person so you know more then most people. I hope you use our information soon. Hope you liked our smore!