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  • Cocaine effects your heat, brain, and emotions.

How It Is Made

  • It is made from a coca bush from leaves.


  • One out of forty adults, use cocaine in the past year. Young men aged eighteen to twenty-five are the biggest cocaine, but eight percent are used in the past twelve months.

How u can take cocaine?

  • You can inject, snort, or smoke cocaine. As soon as you snort it, it goes through your bloodstream and travels to your brain.
Drug Addiction : How to Tell if a Person is Using Cocaine

Smoking Cocaine

  • When you smoke cocaine and get high, you'll get anxiety, irritability, and restlessness.

How long cocaine reacts for?

  • It immediately attacks your body in about thirty mins to two hours.

When trying to quite

  • when a person try's to to quite cocaine, they might get suicidal thoughts.

When u have too much cocaine

  • It is responsible to make you go to the emergency room visits.

Predicting what might happen to a person that took cocaine for a long time?

  • When a person takes cocaine for a long time, it is impossible to predict if that person will get physical or psychological dependent on cocaine.