Hey Band!

August 25-September 6


Remember that all rehearsals and performances are REQUIRED. Check the band calendar for your student's off day for all after-school appointments, etc. The band is counting on perfect attendance at every rehearsal. In all seriousness, we would rather your student miss their band class (1st period, 5th period, 8th period, etc.) than the after-school rehearsal.

'Regular' Week of School

This week we can think of as a regular or typical week of school. On weeks like this, we have two full band rehearsals, and one each of WIND PLAYERS (brass and woodwinds) or PERCUSSION/COLOR GUARD. Then, we end with a Friday football game where we perform our show, Getting Even, for the halftime crowd!

Monday, August 26

4:00-6:15PM - FULL BAND

Tuesday, August 27


Wednesday, August 28


Thursday, August 29

4:00-6:15PM - FULL BAND

Friday, August 30

7:30PM - Football vs. Elgin HS @ Nelson Field

Pep Rally - Friday, August 30 - 3:05-3:45PM - GYM

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Game Day Schedule

On game days, the band will follow this schedule, give or take a few minutes, depending on travel time to the game.

This coming Friday will be:

4:00PM - Call-to on the field for review - Getting Even, National Anthem, Drill Team, etc.

5:00PM - Tailgate (time approximate)

  • students are dismissed from the field to the cafeteria for dinner provided by Band Booster parents
6:00PM - meet in band hall for final announcements

6:15PM - load buses for Nelson Field

6:30PM - arrive Nelson Field

6:45PM - line up to enter stadium

7:00PM - warm-up in stands (brief)

7:20PM - "Black On Black" (the song we play when the football team enters)

7:22PM - "School Song"

7:25PM - "National Anthem" (we play this every time we're the home team)

  • we will pass out parts and learn it this week
7:30PM - Kick-Off

8:30PM - Approximate time of half-time performance - Getting Even 2019 Show!!!

9:45PM - Approximate time of end of game

What Students Need for Game Day

Leave your back packs at school or on the bus, depending on where you will be picked up

  • summer marching uniform - band shorts, band shirt, white tennis shoes, white socks
  • instrument in it's case, in good working order
  • flip folder with all required music
  • lyre (the thing that attaches your flip folder to your instrument)
  • water bottle (fill it up during tailgate!)

Procedure for getting picked up after football game

Parents may pick up your student(s) from the stadium or you may pick them up from school after the buses take us back. When picking your student up from the school, we will typically arrive there around 30-40 minutes after the end of the game.

When picking your student up from the stadium, your student must bring all their non-marching band things (backpacks, etc.) with them and leave them on the bus during the game. Then, after we dismiss from the stands, students go back to the bus to get their things.

Parents, please come into the stands to make eye contact with a director when you are connecting with your student(s). In many cases, kids will carpool from the stadium to their neighborhood. When making eye contact with us, please indicate which student(s) you are taking with you if taking more than your child. Thanks!

Percussion and Guard - After the game - Reminder

  • ALL percussion students are responsible for loading and packing the trailer after the game.
  • Percussion students are dismissed AFTER the entire trailer is loaded.
  • Color Guard students are dismissed AFTER they load their flags onto the trailer.

4-Day Week (extended Friday practice this week)

Monday, September 2


Tuesday, September 3

4:00-6:15PM - FULL BAND

Wednesday, September 4

5:15PM - Back-to-School Night

Thursday, September 5

4:00-6:15PM - FULL BAND

Friday, September 6


No late bus available - set-up carpooling and transportation

Extended practice Friday, Sept. 6 - Set-up Carpooling and/or transportation - talk to a section leader, band director, or carpool for help

Contact the directors

Brian Mayer - Director of Bands - brian.t.mayer@austinisd.org

Ponder East - Assistant Director, Jazz Director - ponder.east@austinisd.org

Dr. Chris Lizak - Assistant Director, Percussion Director - christopher.lizak@austinisd.org

Herbert Washington - Colorguard Director - washingtonh2@mailbox.winthrop.edu