Science 7

May 28, 2020


During this final week of instruction, the seventh graders have finished their final assessments in their study of Charles Darwin, genetics, and evolution. They also had a brief glimpse into the topic of human body systems through a choice board activity yesterday. Their last task today is a trimester assessment from the Diocese, and then they will be on their way.

Friday afternoon 5.29.20 at 3:00 PM is the last moment in which I am accepting late work from students. Last evening I posted to the students through Google Classroom a "Late Work Submission Form", my feeble attempt to organize the avalanche of incoming late work. If kids still owe work, these are the steps for students to follow:

1. Check Option C to see what is missing.

2. Complete the assignment.

3. Turn it in the right way, in the right place (Classroom, Pearson, BrainPOP, etc.). The assignments always spell it out for them.

4. Complete the "Late Work Submission Form" (an individual form for each late assignment).

These are the steps for them to take if they want late credit. I am asking (begging!) them not to send assignments to my email. Email is the perfect place for them to ask me questions, though.

Please find below links to our "Week-at-a-Glance", human body systems choice board, and the late work submission form.

Thank you!

Mrs. Fries


Students must complete this for every late assignment turned in.