Maya's Colony

The land is so cheap you'll move in a heart beat

Located and land you will receive

There is this new colony and it's called Maya's colony it's located between the Gulf Coast and the Colorado river. Here in the colony you would receive 640 acres if you came alone , married couples would get 320 acres, children 160 acres, and it's only 12.5 cents per acre ! And in the U.S. it's a $1.25 per acre can you believe that and here it's only 12.5 cents

Only 12.5 cents what a bargain !

Description and people wanted

The colony is very beautiful it has very rich soil, plenty of rainfall so your crops don't die, lots of timber, rivers, and flatland and well removed from the Comanches it has lots of timber so you can have shade during the summer and have plenty of wood for your fireplace and . The people that this colony wants is hard working people, farmers, ranchers, people who know how to hunt and who respect the Spanish law, tradition, and religion. People not wanted we do not want idlers, no profane swearers, no gamblers, and drunkards.

Where to send the application

Please send your application to 1933 diamond drive, Texas at the post office