Title I: MBE

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Meeting Updates

This is information from my meeting yesterday that might interest you.

My Title I Responsibilities


There are 3 required inventories each year for Title I materials:

  1. Beginning of the Year (by me)- I will be going around to check every item ordered since Spring of 2014. I will note the room number where it is located. The only items I will not check are those that I am currently checking in and delivering to rooms on campus.
  2. Middle of the Year (by me)- I will receive a form from the Budget and Finance department which lists all of the items purchased. I will go around again and make sure it can all be found.
  3. End of the Year (by Special Programs)- Tamu will do this as she did last year, but is expected to be smoother after the previous inventories.

Equipment transfer and Disposition:

There are procedures for items that we no longer need. I have the information and we can figure it out.

Title I Crate

Instead of the blue folders, I will be uploading all of our campus documentation into Title I Crate. Overall, this should be easier, but it will also mean I have to stay on top of documentation more regularly. They will be able to access information throughout the year, and not just when I go to my meetings.

Time and Effort

Paperwork has once again changed for payment requirements for interventionists and tutoring outside of the work day. These changes are:

  1. Interventionists and Tutors (including Saturday School) will complete an online time sheet and time and effort sheet for each week. This automatically populates much of the confusing part of the form and cuts this paperwork in half.
  2. All students must sign in for tutoring or interventions. All time must be shown with students to the minute (including Saturday School).