Technology Class

By: Nick G

Typing Web

1. We learned how to type at a 6th Grade level.

2. Learned how to type at a good rate.

3. Passed intermediate course.


1. We made a movie of what ever we wanted to.

2. We were not not allowed to use google images.

3. I learned how to use iMovie and the features.

Haiku Deck

1. We got to tell the class what our dream job is.

2. I liked because it had a lot of features and you could customize a lot of things.

3. Learned about other peoples dream job.

Explain Everything

1. We had to do a math equation and explain it.

2. Our class liked it because it had the microphone to record your voice.

3. All of us had to send it to the teacher and she watched it.

Career Locker

1. We did a project on our dream jobs.

2. Also we did multiple other projects.

3. I selected my dream job to be a mathematical technician.


1. We got to play this game where we use certain pieces of code.

2. To get a 3 you had to get through stage 4.

3. All of us got to code and pass through the levels.