Radovich v National Football League

Antitrust Laws

William "Bill" Radovich

William Radovich, or Bill, was a football player back in the 1930's. His career started at the Detroit Lions where he played guard as his position.

NFL Tries to Gain Monopoly

This court case was held in 1957. This event had to do with William "Bill" Radovich and how he was affected by these set of laws. During this time the National Football League was under a lot of pressure due to other football leagues coming onto the scene. Radovich was just starting out his career for the Detroit Lions and picked this team for the reason of recieving an off-season which most teams didn't provide. Later on Bill realizes that he will need to switch teams due to family issues and this is where the trouble comes in.

When it had come time to switch teams, he realized he would need to switch leagues and the NFL was not happy with this decision. At this time any player that decided to part ways with the National Football League would be set on the blacklist which meant they weren't allowed to rejoin the association. In hopes of having a monopoly on the players to keep them tied to the NFL rather than joining another league.

Court Decision

Monday, Feb. 25th 1957 at 9pm

1 First St NE

Washington, DC

Decision was made for the case of Radovich v. Nation Football League. It was decided that football must use anti-trust laws in order to prevent monopolies.