Digital Storytelling Project

By: Molly Bossdorf

~My Vision~

My vision of my job in the future is to be involved in sports. Maybe a coach or a professional soccer player. I want to be involved in sports because it is my passion. I think I would enjoy going to work if I was able to do something I love. Right now I play for Battle of Monmouth United. My team gets lots of training and practice. I go to Barkalow Middle School.

~Where I want to Live~

I want to live in Boston because I am a big fan of Boston sports and my favorite soccer player played for the Boston Breakers. I want to live in Boston because it is close to New Jersey, where I live now. Boston is my favorite city.

College Search

I want to go to Monmouth University because they have a soccer team there and the college is in New Jersey. I have gone to a soccer camp at Monmouth University and I got to train with their soccer team. It was a lot of fun and the school is very nice. The estimated cost for this college is, $200,800 for four years.
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~Career Interest~

A career that I am interested in is to be involved in sports. I want to play pro soccer or be a coach of a soccer team. Anything involved in sports because sports are my passion, and I want to be able to enjoy my job.


~ Job Search~

A job that I had found that I was interested in was, a coaches and scouts job. It was a field hockey coach job located in Teaneck, NJ. It is a full time assistant that has a salary of $30,640.

~Where I want to be in the future~

I want to be playing pro soccer and live in a medium size home. I want to enjoy my job and make money. I want to live in Boston and go to college. This would be my dream future.


My personalized learning plan has changed a lot since I had done it in the beginning of this course. This Story Telling project would explain my dream future. I would love going to work everyday and playing soccer.