Taxes, GSAW, Address & Employment Reminders, Wellness Fair!

Taxes: Spring is Here and So is Tax Season!

Nearly 500 UR Students have already filed their taxes through Sprintax.

Don’t forget the filing deadline is April 18, 2022!

ISO will pay for federal filing for all non-alien residents. Simply follow the link below to get started:


Use the following code for free federal filing for all non-resident aliens: 21UR100FI

The next Sprintax Webinar is: April 12, 2022, 3:00 PM EST Nonresident Tax Webinar


You can access a recording of previously held workshops by clicking here: Watch Recording

Remember that even if you did not earn income in 2021, your minimum filing requirement is the Form 8843. You can complete this form through Sprintax, as well.


Follow the link below to set up an appointment with our Certifying Acceptance Agent. Virtual appointments can be scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays. Appointments typically last 30 minutes.


Graduate Student Appreciation Week Is Almost Here!

Join ISO and your friends across campus as we celebrate our graduate students with a week of fun and informative programming. How about a Visit to Strong Museum of Play, The Memorial Art Gallery, or a Coffee Hour with your favorite Dean? Check out all the programming at: Visit our +6website

Don’t forget to click on the video below for a message from the campus community. At ISO, we are especially fond of the segment at 2:47.


Be your best self!

Sign-up today to learn about wellness support service, mindfulness, and Tai Chi. Grab some free swag, and even to pet cute therapy dogs. Click here for more details.

GSAW video 2022

Address and Employment Reporting Reminders

As we get further into the spring semester, we want to remind you of the following reporting requirements:

* Changes of residential address must be reported within 10 days. International students are required to notify the ISO promptly when their address has changed. You can report this information at any time using the appropriate online registration tool for your UR division. Students pursuing post-completion employment, please use the appropriate reporting tool online. If you are currently living outside the US, please do NOT change your US address for now; it should remain the last place you lived while in the country.

* All F-1 and J-1 students must maintain full-time registration each term. If you will need to take a reduced course load, please speak to an ISO student advisor before you drop below full-time enrollment.

* Alternate work arrangements should be documented. If you are currently authorized for F-1 Practical Training (CPT or OPT), please review your I-20 and/or the SEVP Portal for continued accuracy. If you suspect changes should be made or have questions, please contact ISO. For students on OPT or J-1 Academic Training (AT), updates can be submitted to ISO using the appropriate reporting tool online.

* Keep your immigration & other records up-to-date. If you anticipate changes to your immigration record, please check our Forms & Links page for access to guidance, forms, and relevant deadlines. ISO will continue to accept, and process immigration requests and recommendations as needed!

Check out recorded content on ISO’s Event Archives

ISO Student Services recently wrapped up our Spring 2022 Employment Workshop series, covering detailed discussion of F-1 Practical Training authorizations for CPT, OPT, and STEM Extensions. Additionally, partnering with Sprintax, ISO has hosted recent tax webinars to help you in preparing your tax forms (the deadline is coming up!). Recordings of these sessions, as well as presentation materials where available, are posted to ISO’s Events Archive page for your reference. Answers to many common questions are included, and accessible anytime according to your personal schedule!

ISO Closed on May 13, 2022 (Friday)

The International Services Office will be closed on Friday, May 13th due to Commencement Ceremonies. Document pick-up will resume on Monday, May 16th.

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