La Rochelle Times

October 18, 1685

Attention All Huguenots!

The Edict of Nantes has been revoked. After 87 years The king has broken the promise that his late grandfather made. Any people who choose to worship God in any way other than the right way will have severe punishment! You must be converted to Catholicism, or you will be sent to work in the galleys or even killed. If you are part of the protestant reformation, and chose not to be converted to the true religion, but chose instead to escape the land, you must return within four months. If you do not return in that given time your property will be taken from you. Any reformed pastors must leave the kingdom within fifteen days or submit to the one true religion. Any pastors who do chose to reform and join the Catholic church will receive three times their present salary! No one of the reformed religion will be permitted to marry a Catholic. Any Catholic that chooses to change to the reformed religion will be banished from the kingdom, and all his property will be taken away. Any person who helps conceal a reformed refugee will have the same sentence. Every child in the kingdom is ordered to be baptized a Catholic, and it is now illegal for parents to teach their children the protestant ways. Any Huguenot who switches to Catholicism will have all his debts paid for two years, and no Dragoons will be quartered in his home. No Bibles are allowed to be kept in one's home, and no meetings will be held for any other religion than for the Catholic church. By the end of the month, every last Huguenot will be converted!