Sea Lamprey

Mikey Nakhlah

Scientific Name

Petromyzon Marines

Physical Description

They have a soft cartilaginous skeleton, the lacked paired pines are well developed dorsal, vertical fins, hoked teeth, arranged in numerous rows, 4-8 inches (wide), 2 and a half foot long, white below and colored.


Originally the Sea Lamprey was from only the Atlantic ocean and from the from the Great Lakes.

Method of Transportation

They (sea lamprey) are still mostly found in the great lakes and brought over here by fishermen.

last Seen

They are found in the St. Mary, and st. johns river.
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They prey on important fish species, such as lake trout living off the blood. Also Sea Lampreys can kill to 40 pounds of fish a day. They attack the fish with the structure of the mouth then dig their teeth into their flesh for grip.


We should be able to kill them and then if possible make them extinct.
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