Project Loon

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What is Project Loon?

Project Loon is the idea that a network of high- altitude balloons that float about 20 kilometers up could be created to give Internet to the entire world. The balloons might be about 15 meters in diameter and cannot be seen without a telescope in the sky.

How Loon Moves

The Loon is placed in the stratosphere where there are layers of wind that move in certain directions; it is steered by moving up and down these layers. These balloons stay together enoughso that when one leaves, another one takes its place and there is good coverage on the ground.

How Loon Connects

The balloons are solar- powered and create a network in the sky. It starts with Internet antennas on the ground that points up at the sky communicating with a balloon which then communicates with the neighbouring balloons. It then comes back to the ground station which is connected to the local Internet provider.

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