Blue Guardian

Contest Details

SAISD Blue Guardian Design Contest

The Blue Guardian contest is available to high school students in the SAISD Arts and Design program. The contest begins from May 6 to May 24, 2019. All designs must be submitted using Google Classroom. Directions are included below.

Contest Begins on May 6, 2019. All submissions are due on May 24, 2019

Contest Parameters

  1. The design can include a male, female, or non-binary superhero.
  2. The Blue Guardian's uniform and gear must include the color blue. There may be a combination of other colors. However, blue must be the prominent color.
  3. A shield with the SAISD Police Department must be displayed on the Blue Guardians.
  4. The Blue Guardians can not display or carry weapons.
  5. The Blue Guardians must include a medallion to help others find positivity.
  6. The Blue Guardians shine the POSITIVE LIGHT on NEGATIVITY. The light should be BLUE in color.
  7. All submissions for the contest should be submitted in color. Designs must be submitted in a digital format using Google Classroom.

Directions for Digital Submissions- Google Classroom

To access Google Classroom to submit your digital design, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to

2. Login using your SAISD email

3. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the "+" and select "Join Class"

4. When prompted, enter the class code: dxzjqf

5. Once you have entered the classroom, select the assignment under the stream or classroom tab.

6. The submission template and directions are provided.

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Blue Guardian Story

The Blue Guardians were born in the universe of the North Star. They are the most powerful superheroes, known for their energy of Positivity. The Blue Guardians came to our Galaxy and to SAISD with the strongest energy in the universe, the Positive Light. The Blue Guardians use the Positive Light to shine awareness on negative energy within the challenges of life. The Positive Light becomes our navigator, leading us toward positive energy and creating the Positive Energy Force Field needed to defend us against negative energy. The Blue Guardians strive to empower our communities through their (6) six special powers: Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Honor, Family, and Happiness. During their time in SAISD, the Blue Guardians will help generate Safe 2 Learn environments and shine Positive Light throughout the district, delivering a powerful message of student success through humanity.

Blue Guardian Positive Powers

Winning Designs will be featured in the SAISD animated videos

Contact Information

For questions regarding the content details and submission process. Please contact Sirena Perry and Jorge Hernandez.