welcome to lineville

By jackson


Hello 4th grader!There are so many different things about Lineville ,but don't be afraid this will help you not have to worry!


There are many cool thing about band in lineville. Just one of the cool things are that you can chose band .There are many cool things about band such as you can choose your own instrument like the flute.One reason I picked band is the teacher is nice so is the other.and I had a lot of friends in that class so that is is just one of the choices.


This is what you can do at recess


Ultimate four square


Dodge ball

Basket ball

Regular foursquare


Theather ball

Just run around.

That was just some of the cool things you can do at recess then there is indoor recess when they have only have cards and you just can talk at your table.So that is what you can do at recess!


There are many different things about lunch here at lineville such as there are as many as 4 different choices.There are 2 lines in lunch district ,and commons meal .There is also ala cart there you can buy cookies chips exedra .In commons they have a routine they have the same thing every week.But district is different there different.Then you can always have cold lunch to .That is just lunch.

The bus

I think there are some cool new things about the bus also ! First of all the bus is a lot better because of nicer bus drivers ?They also let you use electronics like iPads and others.And the bus rides are much longer .And there is 16 buses .Also now you get on at 7:30 in the morning!that is all I know about the bus.


Gym is quite different than expected!Here at lineville there is a huge gym and there is also 3 different gym teachers they are 2 boys and one girl who are miss shulz mr Alex ander mr labond .and there are also many different units like football basketball dare badminton, soccer track.There is also shorter gym witch I hate!so that is about gym.


Those are just some of the things you need to know about Lineville so don't worry I'm sure you won't be afraid any more good luck at lineville!