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First Lady to the World

In First lady to the world Eleanor Roosevelt Had some important times in her life, But its not just all good things in her life. She did Great things like Woman's rights and how the she wants to fix how woman aren't allowed to work. In her young age she had a back pain and couldn't do some things that are normal that other kids can do. Then her parents both died. But later on in her life she got married and didn't have the pain. But as time came Eleanor's husband cheated on Eleanor and they broke up. But that didn't stop her and she did the things that she thought was right.

Nadia on my way

Nadia was a talented flamboyant violinist as a child and as time came by she just couldn't keep up with violin and quit because of how she could get better so she quit. That was a big problem in her life because that what she was talented on and she wanted to be in a violin competition really bad as a kid. So time came and she started again at violin but she forgot how to play much of it so she pretty much had to start from the beginning. Then when she put lots of efforts and time into violin she finally got into the violin competition and won. Now she is a professional violinist and she still remembers to not give up on violin.

Sandy Road

There were traders on a trip to a city to do there trades and to get there they had to cross a dry desert They traveled for days and days. There only food source was rice and water to cook it. Then one they one trader said they were close to the city and they all left the water and some rice so they will be lighter and so they can reach the city faster. But they didn't get to the city in that day and they couldn't eat because they didn't have water so they cant cook there rice. Then the next day came and they were starving and thirsty but on there way to the city they found a grassy area and they knew a grassy area in a desert has water under neath and they used there last amounts of energy in to digging under to get the water. Then a spring of water came and they were able to drink it and use the water to cook there food. After they found the water spring they safely got to the city and were able to trade

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