Ten things i can not live without

By Sarah Nicole Wymer

Color Guard

I am in my first year of high school color guard

My Job

I am a secretary for WWE and I take calls from superstars that want to be in Wrestlemania and I tell my boss Triple H and he makes the matches. I be working at this job for a year now.


I need my TV because I have to watch my husbands kick butt tonight.

My glasses

I getting new glasses today.

My computer

I can not live without my computer, so I can look up pictures of my husbands.


I need to stay in school to learn stuff.

A new car

I been dreaming a Mustang GT.

Getting my nails done

I get my nails done every three weeks.


I watch wrestling on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Drinking more water

I need to drink more water to be more health