Bipolar Disorder- Depression

By- Anastasia Rodrigues

What is Bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder one of several medical conditions called depression disorders.

What are some signs and symptoms of depression that a victim will have?

- loss of interest pf a usual activity

- prolonged sad or irritable mood

- fatigue

- feelings of guilt or worthlessness.

- drop in ones grades.

- inability to experience pleasure.

- appetite loss, or overeating.

- anger, worry, anxiety, thoughts of suicide.

The person goes through very lonely times, but usually hides this main symptom very well, except around close family and friends, or when he/she cannot take it anymore.

How does it affect the victim?

this disorder usually shows up in ones early twenties, but is also known to show up in a persons child years. many people usually do not understand the disorder besides the victim. you cannot just tell the person to 'snap out of it!' A lot of the person will feel very alone, but will not share too many of their true feelings.

What are some other popular names for the disorder?

depending on the level of seriousness the disorder is leveled. these levels are, bipolar I, and bipolar II.

how is this condition diagnosed?

This condition is one that mostly family members of the victim will notice. mainly the behavior of the person will have changed drastically.

Once diagnosed, how is it treated?

there is not true cure for bipolar disorder.