Tangerine County News

What's been going around in Tangerine County?

What's News?

  • Paul Fisher and his family move into Tangerine County.
  • Paul's household calls the fire department because they were frightened of the ever-burning much fire. Firefighter Wayne takes care of this, however.
  • Paul Fisher enrolls in Lake Windsor Middle School.
  • The field near the middle school flooded, bringing shock to Paul and his mom.
  • Erik Fisher makes it onto the football team (of course).
  • Paul's mom repeatedly gets frustrated with everybody, like how Erik and his team has to play in the rain and how the middle school doesn't have a gym or auditorium. She gets very frustrated at how Paul's father overlooked so many facts.
  • Paul meets Joey Costello and gets interested in joining the soccer team.
  • Paul remembers how he was called "Eclipse Boy" in kindergarten by Erik and his friends.
  • Paul attends the first day of school and meets his teachers. He finds his way around the school with no difficulty, despite the fact that everyone thinks that he is pretty much blind.
  • Paul and Joey start getting along better with each other, and they start running laps at 6:30 every night.

Paul's Life vs. Erik's Life

The two brothers that recently moved in from the Fisher family are both very different. Erik normally gets all the attention for everything, being the "great" football player he is. His dad often acts like Paul isn't even there, but Paul's used to it. Erik is starting to make a reputation for himself in what Paul calls the "Erik Fisher Football Dream", and Paul makes friends with Joey Costello and becomes interested in trying out for the soccer team. Erik is the kicker for the football team; he doesn't even need to try out because of how good he is. Paul is a goalie and hopes to play the same position on the team he try out for. Many people admire Erik and how "amazing" he is, and many people make fun of Paul because of his glasses; he was once called "Eclipse Boy" by his own brother's group of friends. Overall, Paul is treated a lot less nicely than Erik is treated.

Mike Costello's Death

Tragedy strikes in Tangerine County: everyone mourns the death of Mike Costello, a skilled player who was on the football team. His death was caused by him being stricken by a lightning bolt. Mike was a skilled leader and a great example for the football team and his death will be remembered by many. However, "Erik Fisher and Arthur his friend were elated at this", Paul Fisher reports. "I saw them laughing at it afterwards and talking about how Mike got 'mohawked'." This behavior shocked the whole community, and the two are going to be questioned about it soon. After this untimely event, many parents of members of the football team gathered at Paul's house to discuss football practice times, lead by Paul's mom. A big complaint was how players had to practice in constant rain and thunder. After this discussion, Mike's funeral was held where many mourned for his death once more in one large gathering. Mike will forever be remembered in Tangerine County.

A MOYA Close-Up

We celebrate October as the "Month Of the Young Adolescents", or MOYA. Many teens face problems in their everyday lives such as relationships, grades, peer pressure, and more. In Tangerine County, all of this is happening too. "People say that I'm visually impaired, but I can see just fine," Paul Fisher says, talking about how he's legally blind. "I have no problem navigating or doing anything anywhere with my glasses on," he continues. Paul Fisher isn't only suffering from his eyesight, but also from bullying. Paul says how he is made fun of often because of his glasses, a lot even by his own brother, Erik. Paul isn't the only teen that is a victim of bullying: teens all over the United States have this problem. High schoolers, mainly seniors and older students aren't bullied compared to how many younger students are by older ones. Because of how he is made fun of, Paul has a poor relationship with many people in Tangerine County including his brother. Talking about relationships, many teens have a poor relationship with their family. "My dad and I aren't as close as we used to be every since Erik became a 'legend' with sports," says Paul. Lots of children are neglected or very poorly treated by their family and parents. This can be a huge problem; children should receive fond and loving treating from their parents. Often the case is one child receives a lot more attention than the other, because of how they act or if the other is disabled.

Soccer Team Tryouts!

Lake Windsor's middle school and high school are having soccer team tryouts on Sunday October 18th, at 7:00pm to 9:00pm. You must bring shin guards and a size 5 soccer ball, and goalie gloves will be provided.. Both boys and girls will have a separate tryout area, and kids will be tested on all positions including offense, defense, and goalie. After the tryouts, at 9:30pm, kids who tried out will get snacks and a small treat. Results will be emailed to parents over the weekend. Teams will be announced in the morning announcements in both schools. Good luck to your child!

For more information, contact the Lake Windsor Soccer Association at 1-(678)-989-2059.