Luken Hoffman

Lego Engineer


I have one brother. He is ten years old. His name is Egan and he is really annoying. I have too many cousins. We are going on vacation to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia right after school gets out. My cousins who live in North Carolina are going with us. Their names are Abby and Whitney.


I have 4 dogs. I only like two of them though. Their names are Prince and Otis. Otis is my dog and Prince is my brothers. We also have a painted turtle. His name is Swimmy (I named him when I was really young). My favorite animal is a Grizzly Bear. They are my favorite animal because they are strong and smart. I also like reptiles. My favorite reptile is a leucistic crocodile. They have blue eyes and are extremely ferocious. My favorite amphibian is the axolotl. My favorite bird is the Great Horned Owl. My favorite fish is the Blob fish.


I play golf for NLMS. My favorite golf brand is Callaway. My best round ever was one over par. I like to race mountain bikes. I like to fish in my pond. The biggest fish I have ever caught was a grass carp. I like to play soccer. I also play guitar.

Video Games

My favorite game is Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. My favorite character so far is the Mii. The amiibo are really fun to use. I am obsessed with with Bloons Tower Defense 5. My favorite tower is the Monkey Village. I like to play Clash of Clans. My favorite troop is the dragon. I am also a beast at Mario Kart 8. My favorite character so far on Mario Kart is Link. A couple of other games I like to play are Doodle God, Tiny Wings, and Geometry Dash.


I like to build Lego in my free time. The most expensive kit I have bought was $200. It was the Tower of Orthanc. My favorite kit was Lego Minecraft 8 in 1. The kit that I really want is the Death Star. One of my favorite creations is Cloud Cuckoo Land which I built without the kit.