Stop the Confusion, End Pollution!

Anti-pollution Flyer

What is Pollution?

-The incertion of harmful substances into the enviorment.

What is pollution caused by?

Pollution can be caused by visible as well as invisible factors:-Cars,People,Plants,Power Plants,Naturally occuring gasses (CO2, Methane, etc.)
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what can we do to help end pollution?

Some ways to contribute less to pollution are using alternative gas and energy sources such as solar and wind power and reducing the use of fertilizers. Also, recyling and not littering can reduce tons of waste that can end up in the enviroment that we live in. One could also use public transportation to reduce the amount of CO2 admitted into the air from cars and change regular lightbulbs to fluorescent ones. Larger contributers to pollution, such as large factories and plants could build treatment plants for sewage as well as not dump waste into our water.

organizations that promote anti-pollution acts

-EDF (Enviroment Defense Fund)-National Coast Anti-Pollution League-World Reasources Institute