Sound Traveling Investigation

Science project David Golland Feb 16th 2016

What materials can sound travel through?

Sound can travel through some materials but not others. What materials do you think sound can travel through?


Can sound travel through any of these?


I predict that sound can travel well through liquids (water) and it does not travel as well through solids. Sound travels best through gasses (air).


The materials used in this investigations are:

1. 2 metal spoons

2. plastic tub full of water


Step 1. Step one metre away from your partner and whisper to each other and see if you can hear what your partner is saying. Wright the result in your table.

Step 2. Click two metal spoons together in a plastic tub full of water and make sure your partner's ear is 20 cm away from the tub. Could your partner hear the spoons clicking under water? write the result in your table.

Step 3. Stand at one end of a table and make sure your partner has his (her) ear against the table at the other side, then scratch the table with your finger nail very lightly and see if your partner can hear the scratching. Write the result in your table.


Just as I predicted sound can travel through liquids, solids and gasses.
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Apply and Extend

Is it possible to hear in space? Why or why not?

No, it is not possible to hear in space because sound can only travel through liquid, gasses and solids. Since there are no objects in space that vibrate to create sound waves, we can not hear in space.

Look at the photo below. Do you think a swimmer under water would be able to hear the boat? Why or why not?

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Yes, I think so, because the boat is moving fast and the motor under water (liquid) can probably be heard.