How To Become... An NFL Player

Written by: Tyler Frankowiak


Many people like football but some want to know how to pursue their dreams of becoming a football player. For those people this article is sort of like your survival guide to becoming a football player. Read on to help your dreams come true!

Steps To The Draft

If you are good enough at college football, scouts will come to your school to see you play. If you are invited you will go to something called a Combine. That is the biggest tryout of your life ,and scouts will also be there to see if you are a good prospect. You will do a lot of tests that test your strength, speed, and agility. Then you will go do your position related drills. Next up is the draft, you can either go to the draft or a team will call you if you were drafted.

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Day to Day Schedule of an NFL Player

First you get out of bed and you feel sore from yesterday's practice. As you get in your car and head to the practice field. You go to your group meeting with all the players and then you review tape with your position coach. Then its to the field to practice what you learned when you were watching the tape. Then it's back to the film to learn more about your opponent. Then to the field and then you finish off with a meeting with the head coach and all the players. This is information is courtesy of Micheal Hoomanawanui.

Professional In the Field

A.J. Green was born July 31 1989 to Dora and Woodrow Green in Summerville North Carolina.A. J.Green is married to Miranda Brooks as of 2015. He is the 4th overall pick of the 2011 draft. He attended college at Georgia State and high school at Summerville. He played three sports when he was young (football, basketball, and track). He has been the pro bowl all the years he was has been in the NFL. In 2012 and 2013 he was named 2nd team all pro and has been named to the pfwa all rookie team in 2011. He also has the most receptions in his first three years (260 receptions).

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I hope that you learned something from this article and now know how to get to the NFL. Remember if you work as hard as possible you can do anything! You know what happens in the steps to the draft. You also know about A.J Green and the day to day schedule if you were to make it to the NFL.