The Latest Update on Lincoln's Reading Initiative

A Rationale for Roaring Readers

There is a great deal of research as to the benefits of reading 20 minutes a day, including :

    • Promotes brain development

    • Helps in language development

    • Expands knowledge of the world

    • Strengthens family relationships

    • Increases knowledge

    • Improves confidence

Our state has set a goal that 75% of third grade students will be proficient in reading by 2025. Like many schools across our state, Lincoln students are falling short in literacy according to district-reported Developmental Reading Assessments(DRAs) and state-reported TCAP results which are first administered when students are in the 3rd grade.

Teachers and support staff are hard at work during the school day providing rigorous literacy instruction, as well as targeted intervention specific to students' unique literacy needs. With all the intentional support provided students during school, we need students and families to help us create a culture of reading beyond the school day. The habit of reading even 20 minutes a day can forever change the trajectory of a student's educational attainment.

Your support matters!

Because of your support, Lincoln students began participating in Roaring Readers the second week of school. Each student receives a calendar to record his or her 20 minutes of reading outside of school each day. Students are encouraged to read things they enjoy and have an adult initial that they complete that reading for the day. Workers in after-school programs are invited to initial if they witness participation. For students who do not have the opportunities after school to get calendars signed, there are 2 designated areas each morning before school at Lincoln where adults supervise either a read-aloud story or independent reading for credit each day.

By the end of August, 223 students (56% of students) had met their goal of reading 20 minutes a night. Students celebrated with an ICE CREAM SOCIAL in the courtyard, completed with whipped cream, sprinkles and flavored syrup.

We rolled into September with the help of an anonymous donor who pledged a dollar donation to St. Jude for every reader who met or exceeded his or her goal; 249 students (61% of students) rose to the challenge and were presented a Certificate of Appreciation from St. Jude. Despite a full week off for Fall Break in October, 247 students (59% of students) continued on with their reading journey and celebrated with a TRAIL-MIX party with Mrs. Sheppard, the Associate Principal.

Reading Celebrations!

Planning for success!

A Roaring Readers Initiative team comprised of teachers, administrators, support staff, and students met to brainstorm how best to motivate students and get community members involved. Volunteer Kathy Fields and Ms. Sheppard worked on soliciting donations, financial and otherwise, to support celebrations/incentives. Teachers and students brainstormed motivation and support for all types of students, especially reluctant readers.

Together the team determined that shared celebrations were best so that every student who dedicated him or herself received recognition. The students on our committee also suggested that students would read if they knew it was helping others in some way, which led to raising money for St. Jude the month of September and is planned for either The American Heart Association or the local Sullivan County Humane Society in February. In September, students were elated to each earn a $1 contribution towards a total donation of $249 for St. Jude. It is our hope that we will be able to expand on the community service aspect of our reading celebrations, as it extends a donated dollar beyond our own readers and allows them to lead impact others in a positive way.

Our Next Steps...

As we head into Thanksgiving Week, we are thankful for the support of individuals and our community partners. We are thankful for our administrators, teachers, support staff and especially our students who understand the value of a strong education and work hard every day to meet our expectations.

With steady attendance in our before-school reading option, we are currently considering dividing into 2 groups: a K-1st group and 2nd-5th group. By dividing into two groups, we will be able to differentiate and plan for more interactive reading activities targeting our 2nd through fifth grade students. Watch for an update in our next newsletter.

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