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Lion Country BBQ Team Takes 5th Place at Regional Qualifier

Earlier this month, the Ennis High School BBQ Team (Lion Country BBQ) competed in the Regional Qualifier at White Oak High School. The team took 5th place out of 32 competitors in the competition, securing a trip to the Texas High School BBQ State Cook-Off in Burnet, Texas, on May 9th.

Lion Country BBQ brought home the Reserve Grand Champion for ribs, 4th place overall for beans, 6th place overall for chicken, and 16th place overall for dessert.

Congratulations to all team members, and good luck at the state championship cook-off!

Pictured below from left to right: Colin Blazek, Ryan Arnold, Coach Brian Harlan, Stoney Duke, Sam Baer, and Masyn Alderson

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Ennis High School Lionettes Receive Overall Champion Ranking at MCCC Waco Competition

The Ennis High School Lionettes recently competed at the MCCC Waco 2020 Competition, where they received the Overall Champion award with the highest scoring routine for Pom and Division 1 ratings for all routines.

Congratulations to the Lionettes and coaches!

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Ennis FFA Ag Mech Competes at 2020 San Angelo Ag Mechanics Show

Congratulations to Ennis FFA Ag Mech on their Blue Ribbon at the 2020 San Angelo Ag Mechanics Show!

Ag Mech exhibitors included Stoney Duke, Tyler Mckay, Jacob Mraz, Ryan Herrera, Mitchell Garcia, Drew Pierce, and Joselyn Sanchez.

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Teachers and Employees of the 2nd Nine Weeks Recognized

Congratulations to the following EISD teachers on being selected as Teachers of the 2nd Nine Weeks. These teachers were recognized at February's School Board Meeting.

Pictured below with Superintendent Jay Tullos (from left to right): Katie Allen (Ennis High School), Alisha Ruffin (Ennis Junior High School), Patricia Drake (Miller Intermediate), Lacie Zacarias (Houston Elementary), Jessica Arteaga (Travis Elementary), Dalia Nino (Bowie Elementary), Laura Tillman (Austin Elementary), Carlee Fincher (Crockett ECC), Rebecca Pool (Carver ECC), Erica Todd (Lummus Intermediate)

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Also recognized at February's School Board Meeting were the Employees of the 2nd Nine Weeks. Pictured below with Superintendent Jay Tullos (left to right): Marlene Steele (Ennis Junior High School), Sheila Minor (Miller Intermediate), Carley McNatt (Bowie Elementary)

Congratulations to all employees and teachers of the 2nd Nine Weeks!

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Ennis ISD 6th - 8th Grade UIL Results

Last weekend, students from Dorie Miller Intermediate School, Jack Lummus Intermediate School, and Ennis Junior High School competed at the Area UIL Competition in Red Oak, with Miller and Lummus bringing home 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, and Ennis Junior High School bringing home 1st place in both 7th and 8th grades. Congratulations to the following students on their success this weekend:


1st Place (6th Grade) - Yareli Sandoval (Lummus)

3rd Place (6th Grade) - Ruby Rose (Miller)

4th Place (6th Grade) - Raegan Davis (Lummus)

5th Place (tie) (6th Grade) - Jake Cherry (Miller)

1st Place (7th Grade) - Alexa Arrendondo

2nd Place (7th Grade) - Jazlyn Karla Ruiz

3rd Place (7th Grade) - Taylor Jackson
1st Place (8th Grade) - Mariana Munoz

2nd Place (8th Grade) - Yuralie Hernandez

4th Place (8th Grade) - Laura Grant

Calculator Applications

1st Place (6th Grade) - Naysha Morales (Miller)

2nd Place (6th Grade) - Eva Aguilar (Miller)

4th Place (6th Grade) - Ayden Jones (Miller)

3rd Place (7th Grade) - Yuliana Perez

5th Place (7th Grade) - Kaylen Massey

2nd Place (8th Grade) - Monica Barrientos
3rd Place (8th Grade) - Tanner Wildman
6th Place (8th Grade) - Andee Wolfe

2nd Place (6th Grade) - Jackson Chapell (Miller)

3rd Place (6th Grade) - Tanner Stewart (Lummus)

4th Place (6th Grade) - Ethan Mach (Miller)

6th Place (tie) (6th Grade) - Keaton Orta (Miller)

1st Place (7th Grade) - Jonathan Martinez
4th Place (7th Grade) - Cayden Hunt

5th Place (7th Grade) - Itzel Muniz

Dictionary Skills
3rd Place (6th Grade) - Bryan Patlan (Miller)

4th Place 96th Grade) - Keno Castillo (Miller)

4th Place (7th Grade) - Gerardo Ramirez

2nd Place (8th Grade) - Sol Diaz

3rd Place (8th Grade) - Jennyfer Patlan

Editorial Writing

2nd Place (6th Grade) - Paighton Trojacek (Miller)

4th Place (6th Grade) - Lauren Tran (Lummus)

1st Place (7th Grade) - Alexis Sanchez

5th Place (7th Grade) - Katlynne Britosolas

6th Place (7th Grade) - Gavi Saucado

Impromptu Speaking
1st Place (6th Grade) - Clarisa Leija (Lummus)

2nd Place (6th Grade) - Tanner Stewart (Lummus)

3rd Place (6th Grade) - Guadalupe Marmolejo (Miller)

4th Place (6th Grade) - Aleina Ramirez (Miller)

5th Place (6th Grade) - Jocelyn Tan (Lummus)

6th Place (6th Grade) - Kassandra Ramirez (Miller)

2nd Place (7th Grade) - Katlynne Britosalas

Listening Skills

5th Place (6th Grade) - Trey Wilkinson (Lummus)

6th Place (6th Grade) - Aaron Zmolik (Miller)

1st Place (7th Grade) - Sebastian Hernandez

2nd Place (7th Grade) - Jonathan Martinez

3rd Place (8th Grade) - Bailey Jordan

4th Place (8th Grade) - Luis Velasquez

5th Place (tie) (8th Grade) - Riley Barton

Maps, Charts, & Graphs

3rd Place (6th Grade) - Georgia Tabb (Miller)

4th Place (6th Grade) - Trey Wilkinson (Lummus)

5th Place (6th Place) - Landon Tyner (Lummus)

2nd Place (7th Grade) - Omar Hurtado

3rd Place (7th Grade) - Leonardo Lejia

4th Place (8th Grade) - Judd Tabb

5th Place (tie) (8th Grade) - Lynnashia Brooks


4th Place (6th Grade) - Bryan Patlan (Miller)

5th Place (6th Grade) - Yareli Sandoval (Lummus)

6th Place (6th Grade) - Jose Martinez Ramirez (Lummus)

4th Place (7th Grade) - Isaac Siliva

5th Place (7th Grade) - Leonardo Leija

5th Place (8th Grade) - Karsen Kapavik

Modern Oratory

2nd Place (6th Grade) - Daylin Espino (Lummus)

3rd Place (6th Grade) - Georgia Tabb (Miller)

4th Place (6th Grade) - Evalynn Cardona (Miller)

1st Place (7th Grade) - Vivien Webster

3rd Place (7th Grade) - Mary Zhanel

3rd Place (8th Grade) - Mia Barriga

Music Memory
4th Place (6th Grade) - Lilly Reyna (Lummus)

5th Place (6th Grade) - Alyssa Rutherford (Lummus)

1st Place (8th Grade) - Brianna Barcenas

2nd Place (8th Grade) - Kylie Zarate

Number Sense

5th Place (6th Grade) - Deja Coleman (Miller)

6th Place (6th Grade) - Hailey Hagler (Miller)

1st Place (7th Grade) - Leonardo Leija

6th Place (7th Grade) - Hector Alvarado

2nd Place (8th Grade) - Gerald Mahone

Oral Reading

1st Place (6th Grade) - Karoline Beckett (Miller)

4th Place (6th Grade) - Shelbi Dixon (Lummus)

5th Place (6th Grade) - Kenzie Newell (Lummus)

3rd Place (7th Grade) - Madison Keys

3rd Place (8th Grade) - Tania Alvarado

4th Place (8th Grade) - Sammie Jo Green

6th Place (8th Grade) - MacKenzie Pierce

Ready Writing

2nd Place (6th Grade) - Hailey Roy (Miller)

3rd Place (6th Place) - Daisy Cardona (Lummus)

6th Place (6th Grade) - Shannon Blocker (Miller)

1st Place (7th Grade) - Mary Zhanel

2nd Place (7th Grade) - Madison Aguilar

4th Place (7th Grade) - Vivien Webster

3rd Place (8th Grade) - Mia Droll

5th Place (8th Grade) - Kassidy Pitchford


2nd Place (7th Grade) - Issac Baldanra Gutierrez

1st Place (8th Grade) - Roy Fullerton

2nd Place (8th Grade) -Kaydence Kowalski

4th Place (8th Grade) - Valeria Pinon

Social Studies

6th Place (7th Grade) - Alexa Arrendondo


5th Place (tie) (6th Grade) - Easton Nash (Lummus)

2nd Place (tie) (7th Grade) - Jakorey Session

6th Place - Heaven Hernandez

Lion Tennis Crowned King of Highway 287 Tournament

Congratulations to the following students on a job well done at the Highway 287 Tennis Tournament!

Mixed Doubles

Zoe Howard/Josh Noel - 1st Place

Rylee Boston/Jacob Mraz - 5th Place

Boys Doubles

Logan Rendon/Zach Crockett - 4th Place

Chandler Erisman/Alex Pierce - 11th Place

Girls Doubles

Maegan Newsom/Ella Goedrich - 2nd Place

Abigail Collins/Angelica Limon - 9th Place (1st Consolation)

Boys Singles

Jacob Beltran - 2nd Place

Chance Kozlovsky - 7th Place

Dylan Gunn - 15th Place

Girls Singles

Amanda Almanza - 2nd Place

Victoria Berry - 4th Place

Camrynn Bagwell - 13th Place

Ennis High School Speech & Academic UIL Take 2nd Place in Canton

Last weekend, the Ennis High School Speech & Academic UIL teams competed in their last practice tournament before the District UIL competition in March and brought home the 2nd place trophy! Congratulations to the following students and coaches on a job well done.

Number Sense - Coach Lynn Mangus

2nd Place Team!

2nd Place - Nathan Matous

Literary Criticism - Coach Pablo Boteyo

3rd Place - Jimena Ibarra

Current Issues & Events - Coach Eric Adams

5th Place - Hunter Thomas

Journalism Events - Coach Valentina Montero

2nd Place in Copying & Editing - Payton Davis

4th Place in Copying & Editing - Ava Zhanel

1st Place in Headline Writing - Jessica Dixon

1st Place in Editorial Writing - Jessica Dixon

6th Place in Editorial Writing - Ava Zhanel

Mathematics - Coach Lynn Mangus

4th Place - Nathan Matous

Persuasive Speaking - Coach Angela Burnson-Aguilar

2nd Place - Jimena Ibarra

Calculator Applications - Coach Lynn Mangus

1st Place Team!

1st Place - Nathan Matous

5th Place - Veronica Metcalfe

Prose & Poetry Interpretation - Coach Cheryl Kelly

6th Place in Prose - Cameron Murtha

2020 Ennis Football Banquet Awards

Congratulations to the following students for their achievements during this football season. We are proud of you and can't wait to see what you'll do next!

Jack Lummus "Fighting Heart Award" - Dyllan Santos

Rum Miller American Legion Award - Dane Vernor

EHS Academic Award - Collin Drake

Offensive MVP - Collin Drake

Defensive MVP - Jarveon Williams

Sammy McBrierty Memorial Award - Caden Hubbard

Shawn Mathis Memorial Award - Devion Beasley

Senior Lion Heart Award - Azain Brown

Defensive Back of the Year - Dee Johnson

Defensive Lineman of the Year - DeRyous Stokes and Ashton McGraw

Special Teams Player of the Year - Angel Aguilar

Gary Campbell Running Back of the Year - Jarius Jones

Offensive Lineman of the Year - Dorion Strawn and Kobie Vasquez

Wide Receiver of the Year - Laylon Spencer

Black Flag Award - Isaiah Nies

Buster Callaway Coaches Award - Colton Kemp

Vernors Represent Ennis at Clearbrook High School Invitational Track Meet

Dane and Heath Vernor represented Ennis at the Clearbrook High School Invitational Track Meet in Houston last Friday.

Dane took 1st out of 37 throwers in the discus event with a throw of 159'10", and placed 5th out of 39 throwers in the shot put event with a throw of 45'5".

Heath threw his personal best in the discus finals, placing 5th with a throw of 145'10".

Congratulations to both Dane and Heath on their success!

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Ennis FFA Excels at San Antonio Livestock Show & Texas Elite Showcase

Ennis FFA recently competed at the San Antonio Livestock Show and the Texas Elite Showcase in Kerrville. Tanner Johnson placed 5th in his class at the San Antonio Gilt Show and Alannah Donoho placed 12th in her class at the Texas Elite Showcase. Congratulations, Alannah and Tanner!

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