2013.. where did that time go?

With only two months left, what can you accomplish?

It's NOVEMBER... #whattt

I know I can't believe it, but November is already here, and Thanksgiving is only 23 days away (thats basically only three weeks). So since Thanksgiving is all about eating... here are a few ways to stay healthy over the holiday.

  • Get active. Stay fit over the break even though its only a few days long
  • Eat breakfast the day of. Eating in the morning can give you more control over your appetite
  • Lighten up. Use fat-free items during dinner, maybe sugar-free, reduce oil and butter when you can, drink water instead of carbonated drinks
  • Police your portions! Take less food, you can always go back for seconds. When you take more food than you can eat, you're more likely to eat more than you desire.
  • Eat slowly. Actually taste the food that you'll eat. When you eat faster, you over-eat
  • Drink something that will HELP you with your stomach. Water is the best drink.
  • Focus on family and friends. Thats the whole purpose of why you went home, and why the big feast is made. Enjoy that time you have together!

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Sunday, Nov. 17th 2013 at 8pm

11th floor Lounge

Lets pretend we're back in kindergarden and make some Pilgrim and Native American Hats and some hand turkeys all while enjoying some snacks. This is a time to break from classes, and just have fun with everyone else on the floor! I hope to see you all there, even if its just for a little bit!

Interested in becoming an RA?

Want to become an RA next year? Need to know how to do this or what to expect?

The application is available at temple.edu/housing and stop by room M254 of Morgan Hall (its the terrace level of Morgan South located directly across from Dining)

I can help you with any questions that you may have! Its an amazing experience, and opens you up to many things.

You got this link in an e-mail, but please fill out this survey on how i've done so far this year! Please be truthful and honest. This is great feedback for me on how I can improve on the floor! Let me know if you have any questions about it!

The link is below!!