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Alternative Spring Break Group will spend a week giving back

30 FSU Students will be making the most of their spring break this year

During the week of March 12-19th, 2016 30 FSU students will be participating in FSU's Alternative Spring Break Program. In this the seventh year of the program, they will be traveling to Pittsburgh, PA to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of Western PA.

As the name suggests, ASB is an organization at Framingham State that provides students with a way to break from the stereotypical “party” that tends to occur during college break, and instead participate in meaningful personal development through volunteering and promoting cultural awareness in a new city.

During their time in the Steel City students will be providing after school care and tutoring to children ranging in ages from 5-15. Additionally they will be working with club sites throughout the city to assist with capital improvement projects at the facilities. In their free time during the week we’ll explore the city and meet with various civic leaders to discuss the major issues children are facing in Pittsburgh today.

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