Jaguar Journal

September 2019

Jaguar Journal is your student produced monthly guide to what's happening at GIVE Center East.

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Meet our new principal, Dr.Bell

While in college, Dr.Bell was a student teacher, meaning he would help teachers work with students in their classrooms. Through doing this, Dr.Bell realized that he loved helping kids and wanted to pursue a career in it. When asked, “What is the best part of your job?” Dr. Bell responded, “To be able to shape conditions where kids can win.” Showing that he deeply cares for his students at GIVE East. Before working at GIVE East he worked at Nesbit Elementary for 5 years and Lilburn Middle school for 5 years. We also asked Dr.Bell, “What challenges do you think the youth face today?” Dr. Bell replied “social media because too many kids have access to too much, too early. Students need to be able to communicate in a more appropriate and clearer manner before they use social media outlets.” Something that Dr.Bell loves to do is house hunting. Dr.Bell even says if he were not in education, he would have been a real estate agent. We then asked, “How do you feel here at GIVE East?" He replied, “I love what I do (here). I want to make sure that all students are successful.” Dr.Bell also had something to say about the new hope program everyone has been wanting back, “We are working on developing a program to try to help under credit students." Dr.Bell looks forward to a great school year here at GIVE East.

Friday Sports Academy

Every Friday at GIVE Center East, we play sports and try to make new friends. It's a place to forget about school and play like a kid. Please remember, in order to participate you must have no incidence reports and no referrals. Also, you need a signed permission slip turned in to Mr. Williams. The time is from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM and parents pick up in the carpool pick-up drop-off parking lot. Bring your clothes in a plastic bag.

New Teacher Spotlight

We have a new teacher in town, her name is Felicia Taylor, but she goes by Mrs.Taylor. She says the whole reason she became a teacher is that she likes to teach people the everyday basic skills they will need to survive in the real world. She goes on to say that, the best part of her job is all the different students and different personalities. Each person has his or her own unique ways and personalities. Other than GIVE East, Mrs.Taylor has taught at Monroe Area High School and Alfa academy, which is kind of like GIVE East, it's just the alternative school for Rockdale county. She believes challenges youth face today is cell phones. ‘Youth are so intertwined with their cell phones they can't face the real world.” She also believes youth face lack of communication skills nowadays, but it is because everything they do is through the cell phone. In her free time, instead of scrolling through Facebook, she would rather listen to loud and obnoxious music. Mrs.Taylor loves GIVE East. She loves the students, the staff, and the environment. When you are a sophomore, you have a good chance of getting her because she teaches 10th grade literature and composition.

My Payments Plus

Our School-Family Compact is now available for your review and acknowledgement at MyPaymentsPlus. In case you weren't aware, with My Payments Plus, you can also add money to your child's cafeteria account or pay for GIVE East Spiritwear. Contact if you need assistance setting up an account. Here is the link for My Payments Plus: (There is also an app.)

Important Dates

September 9-13 EOC Fall Mid-Month Testing

September 17 Science Gateway Re-test

September 18 Social Studies Gateway Re-test

Thursday, September 19, 2019 - Title I Annual Parent Meeting 12:00 PM and 5:30 PM

Mission Statement

The mission of GIVE Center East is to meet the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of our students in a safe and structured environment that builds a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

GIVE Center East will empower students to reach their full potential.