Credit Cards for College Students

Do you know how to use a credit card properly? Here are some tips for you to be a responsible credit card holder!

Good Credit

Having good credit throughout your life is very important, especially during your years in college. Having good credit is just as important as having a strong GPA, it can affect your chances of getting hired into whichever field you apply for.

Student Credit Cards

Having a student credit card is a very good idea for college. These cards help students who have never had a credit card to establish credit. Among the benefits of a student credit card, the following should be offered: No annual fees, late payment forgiveness, travel benefits, and cash back.

Don't be Late and Pay in Full

Pay your balance on time and always pay in full every month. If you fail to do these things then your credit card company will start to add on additional fees each month, which can become very costly.

Stay Under Your Credit Limit

Keep your total charges below your credit limit. It's a good idea to stay generally about 30% below your credit limit in order to maintain a good credit score.

Credit Reports

Check your credit reports regularly, this a good habit to have throughout your life and not just in college also.