Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar accomplished some much in his life. A few things that helped him to get were his was, was that many people believed one of his ancestors were the son of the goddess Venus. Also his parents were patricians which meant he got an education. One of Julius Caesar accomplishments was when he was in his first battle when he saved a wound solider at his own risk and because of this his popularity grew.

Julius Caesar Timeline

  • 100 BC- Julius Caesar was born.
  • 84 BC- Julius Caesar got married to someone named Cornelia.
  • 75 BC- Julius Caesar was captured by pirates.
  • 69 BC- Cornelia died.
  • 44 BC- Julius Caesar died.

Julius Cesar Kids

How Julius Caesar influenced use today

Many leaders after Julius Caesar tried to copy his work and become such a respect leader and he although many tired they never came close to what Julius did but they became different leaders that did it different which helped us in different ways.