Beach Buddies Bulletin

November 11-15

Our week in K...

What a fun 50's day! Thank you for your help in making the day a success. Look for pictures to be posted soon!

In other literacy learning this week we:

*put a new bat color poem into our poem book

*wrote in our Lifebook - ask your kindergartner about it!

*made star word sentences

Beach Buddies' Blog

Be sure to check out our blog with a video about our owl research.

Beach Buddy Links

We use our classroom laptops everyday during all of our "workshop" times. I made a website with links to the sites we explore. The link is below so you can use the websites at home as well.

Kindergarten "homework"

As I told you at conferences, I don't send home many "worksheet-style" homework pages. The best thing to do at home is read, read, read, along with some authentic writing --helping make lists, writing a letter, making a book with words and pictures. However, a few of you mentioned you would make use of some practice pages at home. I have a list of those families interested and will send a packet home soon. If I missed you or you are also interested, just let me know.

Classroom Donations

Looking for something to donate to our classroom? We are hoping for:

large bottle of hand sanitizer

thick and thin Crayola markers

Thanks for thinking of us!

Next week...

Next Friday will be another special day - Scarecrow Day! We'll make vests in school, but the kindergartners are invited to wear other scarecrow-like clothes. We'll add a bit of face paint as well.