White Sox

The Baseball Team of South Chicago

Team Information

The White Sox are located in the u.s.a , the region of the midwest , the state of Illinois,and located on the south side of Chicago. The latitude is 41.8819 degrees north and the longitude is 87.6278 degrees west.

Midwestern fun facts

The Midwest is also known as the bread basket states.

The Midwest produces the most corn in the country.

Twinkies where invented in the Midwest .

Physical features

Most of the Midwest is flat.

The Great lakes are included in them.

The Midwest lies near the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.

The Names

The White Sox name is actually just a nickname there real name is The White Stockings, but that was too long so they shortened it to the White Sox. Another nickname is the Chisox the chi is from Chicago and the sox from the sox in White sox.They got this idea rom the Chicago cubs.

The Mascot

The Chicago White Sox mascot is Southpaw. He is a fictional fury monster that represents the south side of Chicago.


The team was established in the 1900s. The founders name is Charles Comisky. They moved there business from Soix city. They changed cities because there was not allot of popularity and they where not getting good business.


The name of the stadium is called U.S. Cellular field. Another name for it is New Comiskey park. The reason why it is called what it is,is because a company called U.S. Cellular bought the naming rights for 68 million dollars!